• Mode Work Soap 6x2000ml

Mode Work Soap 6x2000ml

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Looking for a soap that banishes grease, grime and stains, yet is gentle on hands? 

Choose Mode Work Soap – a heavy-duty, solvent-free hand cleaner with non-abrasive poly-scrubbers that clean effectively without damaging the skin. Add moisturisers such as Aloe vera and vitamin E to soften and rejuvenate, and you have protection against dermatitis, dryness and cracking too. 


  • Effectively emulsifies the grease and grime etc and suspends it for easy removal
  • Soft on the skin

Product Specifications
Colour Cream
Dispenser Code MSD2
Environmental Choice New Zealand N/A
Fragrance Walnut
NZFSA / MPI Approved N/A
Size 2000ml
Texture Grit lotion
Type Heavy duty hand cleaner